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Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.



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Doorstep Traders

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Doorstep Traders - Church Eaton - Stafford

We have received a report of a doorstep trader in the Church Eaton area on Tuesday 11th February. The person was selling items from a holdall. Please do not feel pressurised into making any purchases from doorstep traders. Please see below safety advice: How can I spot a Rogue Trader? - They may tell you the work is urgent and needs to be carried out immediately - They will normally ask for payment there and then and may offer to come to the bank with you, if you don't have the cash at hand. How can I protect myself from doorstep crime? - Be on guard if someone turns up unexpectedly. - Keep front and back doors locked. - Use the door viewer or nearby window when answering the door. - Fit a door chain or bar - use it and keep it on when talking to callers at the door. - Don't feel embarrassed - genuine callers expect you to be careful. - Only let callers in if they have an appointment and you have confirmed they are genuine. - Always ask for identification badges of anyone you answer the door to, but don't rely on them. Identity cards can be faked - phone the company to verify their identity. - Never let people try to persuade you to let them into your home, even if they are asking for help - they may not be genuine. If someone is persistent, ask them to call another time and arrange for a friend or family member to be with you. - Never agree to pay for goods or give money to strangers who arrive at your door. - Don't keep large amounts of money in your home. - Remember, its your home!! There's no reason why anyone should ever enter your home against your wishes. - IF YOU'RE NOT SURE, DON'T ANSWER THE DOOR!! Please report any suspicious activity to Staffordshire Police on '101' Non Emergency or via the Staffordshire Police website/Facebook page or '999' Emergency (If a crime is in progress).

Driving In Poor Weather Conditions


Driving In Poor Weather Conditions

Snow is spreading over the county! If you do get caught in bad weather, follow these steps to minimise the dangers. Slow right down: if visibility is poor or the road is wet or icy, it will take you longer to react to hazards and you should reduce your speed accordingly. Take corners very slowly, and reduce speed further if your view of the road ahead is obscured. Always stay well within the speed limit and look out for temporary speed limit signs. Never speed up suddenly if fog seems to have cleared. Fog can be patchy and you may suddenly re-enter it. Maintain a safe gap behind the vehicle in front: the gap between you and the vehicle in front is your braking space in a crisis. In wet conditions you should leave four seconds, and in ice or snow, drop right back as much as possible. Stopping distances are double in the wet, and can be 10 times greater in icy weather. Never hang on someone else's tail lights. This can provide a false sense of security and mean you're not fully focused on the road. Be extra vigilant for people and hazards: be aware that people on foot, bicycles, motorbikes and horses are harder to spot in adverse weather. Drive slowly and cautiously so you are able to spot vulnerable road users in plenty of time and not put them in danger. Look out for signs warning of hazards, people, adverse conditions or temporary lower speed limits. Stay in control: avoid harsh braking and acceleration, and carry out manoeuvres very slowly and with extra care. Use lights: put lights on in gloomy weather and when visibility is reduced. Use front and rear fog lights in dense fog. Remember to switch off fog lights when visibility improves.  Image removed by sender.

Storm Ciara - Drive Carefully

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Storm Ciara - Drive Carefully

Emergency Services have been very busy over the weekend due to Storm Ciara. Please remember:

  • Make sure you take extra care on the roads
  • Allow extra time for your journey
  • Please only call 999 if an emergency
  • Call Highways England to report obstructions or issues on the roads.

For the latest updates on the roads please visit www.highwaysengland.co.uk  

Burglary - Coton End - Gnosall

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Burglary - Coton End - Gnosall - Stafford

Sometime between 10pm on Friday 31st January and 4am on Saturday 1st February, unknown offender(s) have gained access into an outbuilding and stolen a Green Yamaha 350 Quad bike and a chainsaw. If you have seen any suspicious activity in and around this area over the past few days please contact Staffordshire Police on '101' Non Emergency or via the Staffordshire Police Website and quote serial ref: SP-20200201-0276 or reply to this message. Please ensure all outbuildings are locked and alarmed where possible. If a crime is in progress please contact Staffordshire Police on '999' Emergency.

Online Cyber Safety Training For All Businesses

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Online Cyber Safety Training For All Businesses

CYBER CHAMPION IN THE WORKPLACE Free training for businesses – Raising awareness of cyber safety and security in the workplace   This initiative is to embed a Cyber Champion within the workplace environment, such as a Fire Marshall or First Aider, the training is delivered by Staffs Police and Regional Cyber Crime Unit RCCU. To find out more or register interest, email CyberCrimeUnit@staffordshire.pnn.police.uk   Majority of cybercrime is human error Majority of cybercrime is easily avoidable Only 20 % of businesses have had their staff attend cyber training in the last 12 months 43% of businesses were breached in 2018   What is a Cyber Champion? Delegates do not require any previous knowledge of cyber security or IT  

  • To have a better understanding of criminality and the digital world
  • To better understand the importance of data assets
  • To widen awareness of social engineering
  • To identify common fraudulent tactics
  • To have an understanding of the current cyber landscape
  • To know the importance of strong passwords and how to create one
  • To have knowledge of low level cyber issues and be able to sign post to appropriate organisations
  • 4 hour training session

  DATES AND TIMES Sandyford fire station, ST6 5ED on 04/02/2020- 0930:1330 Burton fire station, DE14 3SU on 13/02/2020- 0930: 1330 Judges houses, Martin street, Stafford, ST16 2LA on 06/03/2020 - 0930: 1330 Leek fire station, ST13 6EN, 10/03/2020- 0930 :1330    

Tool Theft from Vans

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Tool Theft from Vans

Unfortunately, we're receiving a high volume of tool thefts from vans. Reduce the chances of becoming a victim of this crime by:

  • bringing your tools indoors overnight where possible
  • upgrading your locks
  • marking your tools so they can be identified

To report tool theft you can private message us on Facebook and Twitter, report it online or call 101.  

Theft from Farm Vehicles - Marston-Church Eaton

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Theft from Farm Vehicles - Marston-Church Eaton - Stafford

Overnight on the 13/14th January we have received several reports of thefts from vehicles around the Marston/Church Eaton area. If you have seen any suspicious activity around this time, please contact Staffordshire Police on '101' or via the Staffordshire Police website and quote serial ref: SP20200114-0246. Please ensure all farm vehicles are locked/alarmed and remove any expensive equipment where possible. Please report any suspicious activity to '999' Emergency if a crime is in progress or '101' Non Emergency if the crime has already occurred and the offender(s) have left.

Land Rover Defender Stolen - Audmore Road

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 Land Rover Defender Stolen - Audmore Road -   Gnosall

Sometime between 00:30hrs - 08:00hrs on Saturday 4th January, unknown offender(s) have stolen a Land Rover Discovery from Audmore Road, Gnosall. If you have seen any suspicious activity in and around this area around the times stated, please contact Staffordshire Police on '101' Non Emergency or via the Staffordshire Police website/Facebook page and quote serial ref: SP-20200104-0168. Please find crime prevention advice below for anyone with a Land Rover: - Always leave your vehicle locked and alarmed if possible. - Consider fitting an after-market approved immobiliser. - Park in a locked garage or other secure area if you have one, or in a well-lit open space. - Never leave the vehicle's keys in the ignition, in the same outbuilding as the vehicle, or near your front door inside your home. - Be vigilant when using your vehicle for anyone taking an interest in it. - Consider fitting a transponder-based security marking system and tracker device. - Have the vehicle's window etched with the vehicle identification number. If you're aware of any suspicious activity around Land Rovers or other vehicles please contact Staffordshire Police on '101' Non Emergency or '999' Emergency if a crime is in progress. You can also report Non Emergency crimes on the Staffordshire Police website or Facebook page.

Residential Burglary - Old Barn Close

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Residential Burglary - Old Barn Close - Gnosall

Sometime between 13:00hrs and 21:00hrs on Tuesday 24th December, unknown offender(s) have gained access into a property via smashing the window on the back door. Unknown offender(s) have then made an untidy search of the property and stolen jewellery, an opened bottle of wine and perfume.

If you have seen any suspicious activity in and around this area at the times stated, please contact Staffordshire Police on '101' Non Emergency or via the Staffordshire Police Website and quote serial ref: SP-20191224-0676.

Please ensure all outbuildings are locked and alarmed where possible.

If a crime is in progress please contact Staffordshire Police on '999' Emergency.

Crime prevention tips:

  • - Consider installing a security camera.
  • - Ensure your house is locked and secure, preventing someone entering when you are busy elsewhere in the house or garden. Ensure gates and sheds are locked.
  • - Leave a light on in a room and draw curtains when you go out for the night.
  • - Lock doors and windows before you go out. Remove keys from locks and keep out of reach of windows and doors.
  • - Consider fitting a burglar alarm.



Staffordshire Police Launch - Drinkordrive Campaign 

Police in Staffordshire are encouraging drivers to ‘#drinkORdrive’ and make alternative travel plans this festive period.

The campaign runs from Monday 9 December to New Year's Day, and aims to highlight the ways in which people can avoid drink driving during the party season by planning ahead.

Officers from the force’s roads policing unit will be working with partners including Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service at engagement events to ensure that motorists think twice about driving while under the influence of alcohol. The message will be reinforced through ‘#drinkORdrive’ advertisements on beer mats and straws at local establishments who are also supporting the campaign.

There will be dedicated resources on patrol around the clock carrying out random roadside checks in hotspot areas on drivers they suspect may be driving under the influence of drinks or drugs. They will be paying particular attention in the evenings and then early in the morning, to target those who are risking driving the morning after drinking the night before.

Chief Inspector Mat Derrick of Staffordshire Roads Policing Unit said: "Every day in Staffordshire we continue our aim to reduce the number of fatal and serious road traffic collisions and protect road users. Sadly, there are still some drivers that choose to drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

“People often think that one or two drinks don’t matter but even a small amount of alcohol can affect your ability to drive safely so the best advice is to make alternative travel arrangements or avoid alcohol completely if you are driving.

“Alcohol makes people’s reactions slower and makes processing information more difficult so when driving this can impact on decision making and reactions times, which puts drivers, passengers and other road users at risk."This Christmas we are asking people to plan ahead, to think about how you're going to get home, and remember the impact alcohol can still have the morning after.

"This campaign supports on-going work as part of the force’s Operation Lightning, which aims to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on the roads of Staffordshire and to disrupt and deter criminals from using the road network.

The public are also encouraged to report drink and drug drivers with as much information and detail as possible so they can be investigated. If you know someone who drink or drug drives you can report them online or by calling 101



Autumn crime prevention reminder

We are reminding residents to take simple crime prevention measures this autumn as burglaries often increase at this time of year.To keep opportunist burglars at bay:- Always keep doors and windows locked, even when you’re in. Remove the keys from the lock and keep them out of view or reach.- Use timer switches to turn lights on when you are out. Alternate the times and lights that you use.- Make sure your alarm and any outside lights are in working order. Always activate your alarm when you leave the house and go to bed.- Don’t leave items of value on show through ground floor windows (i.e. laptops, tablets, mobile phones, car keys etc.)- Lock your garden gates and side entrances. Keep ladders and tools securely stored away, don’t leave them outside where they could be used to break into your home.- Consider joining our Smart Alert scheme and following your neighbourhood policing teams on Facebook and Twitter so you can receive crime alerts and prevention advice from your local police officers.- Look out for your neighbours, especially the elderly and vulnerable, and remind them to follow the STOP, CHAIN and CHECK rule when people call at the door:STOP: If you are not expecting anybody and they don’t have an appointment, don’t let them in.CHAIN: Use your door chain or bar before opening the door.CHECK: Ask to see ID and double-check this.- Local residents are encouraged to contact the police if they have any suspicions about doorstep callers or witness any suspicious behaviour.For further advice and a comprehensive guide, please see:https://www.staffordshire.police.uk/cp/crime-prevention/residential-burglary/keep-your-home-safe/To report a crime please call 101, or send a direct message to Staffordshire Police on Facebook or Twitter. Ring 999 immediately if the crime is in progress.

Scam calls - Fake Amazon subscriptions

Criminals are targeting members of the public with automated calls stating that the recipient has been charged for an Amazon Prime subscription. The callers use this lure as a way to gain access to the recipient’s online banking account.

How does it work?

1. The victim receives an automated call stating that they’ve been charged for an Amazon Prime subscription. They’re asked to press 1 to cancel the charge, this connects them directly to the fraudster.

2. A fraudster, posing as an Amazon customer service representative, then tells the victim that the Prime subscription was purchased fraudulently and that they need remote access to the victim’s computer in order to fix a security flaw that will prevent it from happening again.

3. The victim is asked to download an application called Team Viewer, which grants the fraudster remote access to the victim’s computer.

4. The victim is then asked to log onto their online banking account whilst the criminals are able to monitor everything via Team Viewer.


What you need to do –


Personal information:

Always question uninvited approaches in case it’s a scam. Instead, contact the company directly using a known email or phone number.

Stay in control:

Have the confidence to refuse unusual requests for personal or financial information. It’s easy to feel embarrassed when faced with unexpected or complex conversations. But it’s okay to stop the discussion if you do not feel in control of it.

Remote access:

Never install any software or visit a website as a result of a cold call. Unsolicited requests for remote access to your computer should always raise a red flag.

Halloween Safety Tips

We want you to enjoy Halloween, but remember, not everyone wants to take part!

Please place the attached poster in your window if you don`t want Trick or Treaters!

Here are a few things to remember when you're out this Halloween.

If you’re going trick or treating, make sure you go with an adult and your parent or carer knows where you’re going and when to expect you back.Don’t knock if there’s a sign saying ‘No trick or treat here.’Be careful not to frighten elderly or vulnerable people.Don’t go trick or treating alone - stay with your group.Only visit areas where there are streetlights.Don’t throw eggs and flour.Be careful crossing roads in the dark. Have a great time, stay safe and look out for each other. If you or someone you know is in danger call 999. Read Attached...

Cold weather - never leave your car unattended

Staffordshire Police have taken several reports from over the county this morning of cars being stolen as they’ve been left with the key in the ignition whilst defrosting ??

Please don’t make yourself an easy target for opportunist criminals. Don’t leave your car unattended if the engine is running.

Stay with your car at all times when defrosting to prevent your car from getting stolen!

Please take on the road and allow extra time, please do not rush.Make sure you are able to see, clear all ice from your windows.Ensure that your lights are clean and number plates are clearing visible and legible.Keep your distance of others cars

Drive safe & take your time.

National day of action to tackle rural crime

Officers from Staffordshire Police are taking part in a national week of action to tackle rural crime.

The operation is running for seven days from Sunday 6 October and Rural Crime Officers, supported by Specials, will be visiting farms, rural communities and businesses throughout the county to offer crime prevention advice, help with property marking and promote membership of Smart Alert schemes. Stop checks will be taking place on plant and agricultural vehicles, as police gather intelligence and look for stolen property and wanted suspects. They will also be targeting those who travel throughout the region committing crime such as theft and burglary, particularly in rural areas.

Officers will be checking countryside locations for signs of criminal activity, and conducting intelligence-led patrols in areas where rural crime such as poaching, fly-tipping and trespassing has previously taken place.

They will be working to tackle issues that matter most to local communities, including anti-social behaviour and the unlawful use of off-road bikes.

There will be liaison with partners throughout the week including theEnvironment Agency and Environmental Health to share information and best practice.

An online surgery begins at 7pm on Monday 7 October where people from our farming and rural communities will be able to chat 'live' with specialist police officers about any issues or concerns they may have regarding crime intheir area.

To join the chat please visit: https://app.sli.do/event/xxdqryf9 and to follow the activity taking place throughout the day please search #RuralCrime on social media.

Burglaries - Walton - Eccleshall

Between the hours of 22:30hrs on the 30th September and 05:00hrs on the 1st October unknown offenders have gained access into 2 x seperate properties in the Walton area by cutting off padlocks and entering the outbuildings. The offenders have then stole quad bikes, Stihl Chainsaws, grinder and tools.

**If you have seen any suspicious activity around this area, at the times stated, please contact Staffordshire Police on '101' and quote serial ref: SP-20191001-0245**

Please ensure all outbuilding's are locked and alarmed where possible.

If you do see any suspicious activity in your area please contact Staffordshire Police on '101' Non emergency or '999' Emergency if a crime is in progress.

Neighbourhood Watch: Suspicious Van-Adbaston

At approx 18:30 hrs on Tuesday 10th September 2019, a white Ford Transit van, with the signage 'Dry Verge' in blue letters on the side and front bonnet, was seen acting suspiciously in the Adbaston area of Stafford.

Please contact Staffordshire Police on '101' Non Emergency to report any suspicious activity or '999' Emergency if a crime is in progress.

We will be proactively patrolling around this area.

Please ensure all outbuildings are locked and secure.

Farm Burglary - Norbury

Sometime between the 15th &16th of August unknown offender(s) have broken a lock off to gain access into a farm building. The offender(s) have made an untidy search of the building and stolen powertools.

If you have any information regarding this burglary please contact Staffordshire Police on '101' and quote serial ref: SP-20190816-0763.

If you see any suspicious activity in your area please contact Staffordshire police on '101' Non Emergency or '999' Emergency if a crime is in progress.

We will be proactively patrolling this area and other rural areas.

Farm Theft - Haughton

Around midnight on Friday 16th August, unknown offender(s) have broken into a stable box on a farm in Haughton and stole a quad bike.The quad bike is red and black in colour, with a specially welded plate on the rear. The manufacture is Honda.

If you have information regarding this theft please contact Staffordshire Police on '101' and quote serial ref: SP-20190817-0194.

If you see any suspicious activity in your area please contact Staffordshire police on '101' Non Emergency or '999' Emergency if a crime is in progress.

Staffordshire Police Force open day - 8 September 2019

For a fun and free day out for all the family, come to the Staffordshire Police Open Day this September!We will be opening the gates to at 11am on Sunday 8 September for you to experience live demonstrations, high-speed driving, a chance to meet our gorgeous police dogs, see the latest police technology and hopefully enjoy lots of sunshine food and ice cream.MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW.For live updates please follow our social mediaTwitter: @staffspoliceFacebook:'>@staffspoliceFacebook: Staffordshire PoliceInstagram: @staffspolice

Local Policing Team Facebook pages now live!

Staffordshire Police have now got local Facebook pages make sure you follow your local policing team within your area!

Our main Facebook page: Staffordshire Police

Local Policing Team to search on Facebook -

Stafford Police

Tamworth Police

Lichfield Police

Newcastle Police

South Staffordshire Police

Cannok Chase Police

Tamworth Police

East Staffordshire Police

Moorlands Police

Stoke Police

Make sure you follow our other social media accounts -

Instagram: @staffspolice'>@staffspolice'>href='mailto:@staffspolice'>@staffspolice

Twitter: @staffspolice'>@staffspolice'>href='mailto:@staffspolice'>@staffspolice

Summer Holiday Sport Activities

During the school holidays there will be sports activities at various locations around Stafford and Stone for children between 8 and 17 years old.

Doorstep sports will be taken place wednesday afternoons at ;

Westbridge Park 1300-1400

Stone Common Plot (opposite Christ Church Academy) 1415 - 1515

Doxey Primary School 1600 - 1700

Rowley Park Unlimited Fun Pass – FREE passes giving pass holders off peak access between 10.00-16.00 to 3G pitch, tennis courts, MUGA, Crazy Golf; equipment provided. Passes available first come first served basis from Rowley Park kiosk on Monday 22 July, valid until Friday 30 August. On Thursday afternoons between 17.00-18.00 in Rowley Park pass holders can join in a session led by sports coaches using the Rowley Park facilities.

Glow Games, Stafford Leisure Centre, 13-17 yrs, Tuesday 23 & 30 July, Tuesday 6, 13, 20 & 27 August, 14.00 – 16.00


Xplorer orienteering sessions – on Thursday 25 July, Thursday 8  & 22 August between 12.30 – 15.00, suitable for families or groups of friends.

Follow the link below to get more information and to book sessions.


Livestock thefts increase

Over the past few weeks there has been an increase of livestock thefts.

We are warning farmers to be extra vigilant with livestock and also make sure farm machinery is secure and locked away when not in use.

There has been incidents in Yoxall, Uttoxeter, Stowe-By-Chartley and Market Drayton where stock has been targeted and taken in early hours of the morning.

  • CCTV is advised as well as enhanced security
  • Check on stock on a regular occurrence
  • Be a good neighbour

Prevention Advice - hot weather

It looks like its going to be a scorcher of a weekend - Here's a few tips to keep you safe and well: 

  1. Keep your windows and doors locked. Burglaries can be rife when opportunists make use of an open window or door on a hot, sunny day even when you're in the garden. 
  2.  Keep your cars locked (and don't forget about keeping dogs out of hot cars)
  3. Who doesn't love a beer garden in this weather? Just remember to drink responsibly and don't drink and drive.

Keep safe, take care and have a good weekend!

Police urge: Don`t leave your car keys on display

Four cars were taken from three addresses in Staffordshire between about 10pm Thursday 13 June and 6 am Friday 14 June. A VW Passat was stolen from a drive in Wombourne, a Range Rover was taken from Shareshill and two cars were stolen, a Mini and an Audi A4, from a house in Stone. In each case the keys to the vehicles were used to drive them away.Power and garden tools being stored in a shed were also taken during the break in at the house in Shareshill.DCI Rob Taylor from Staffordshire Police’s CID said: " As car manufacturers have improved car security, thieves have had to adapt their methods. The easiest way of making off with a car is to drive it away, which is why offenders now break in to properties to steal the keys."In each of these cases, the keys were used to drive away the vehicles. That's why we're reminding owners not to leave their keys in obvious places. They should be kept out of sight and away from doorways and windows."


There have been two burglaries reported in Gnosall yesterday. Both occasions the offenders smashed through patio doors & untidy search of upstairs rooms. A vehicle seen in the area  is possibly linked to the 2 incidents. It has been described as a Lime Green Renault Clio with black trim. If you have any further information that could help us with our enquiries, please contact us & quote either serial 264/09/05 or 491/09/05

Bogus Officials

Sometime on the Tuesday 30th April 2019, 3 x white males have arrived at a property in Eccleshall in a white van. 1 x male had a clipboard claiming to be from Stafford and Rural Homes. The victim believed this to be identification. The suspects have claimed they were their to repair the bedroom ceiling.

The suspects did enter the property, however on this occasion nothing was believed to be stolen.

Stafford and Rural Homes have been notified and were not aware of any visits scheduled for this property.

Please ensure you always ask for indentification for anyone asking to enter your property. If you are still unsure, decline entry and close the door. Please report any incidents like this to Staffordshire Police on '101' Non Emergency and '999' Emergency.

Graffiti and Damage

There was graffiti sprayed on the Cowley tunnell last night, and possibly damage caused to a narrow boat along that stretch of the canal. If you have any information as to who was responsible for this, please contact us and quote serial 158/18/04/2019.

Bird scarers

We are receiving several reports of what has been described as either "Bird Scarers" or Firecrackers being thrown from vehicles in Gnosall at pedestrians. One vehicle described as, a green Land Rover Deffender, has been mentioned on a couple of occassions, but no registration identified. If you have any knowledge of any of the offenders or vehicles, please contact us


Regarding the recent spate of "Firecrackers" being thrown from vehicles in the Gnosall area. We have identified one vehicle being involved and the keeper of this vehicle has been spoken to and advice given regarding his and his passengers actions!

Safer Neighbourhood Panels

Safer Neighbourhood Panels, set up by the Staffordshire Commissioner, are made up of local residents who meet regularly with their area’s local policing commander.

The panels shape local policing and community safety and shine the spotlight on the work done by police in their area to ensure greater transparency and help build public confidence. They examine the impact of policing, community resolutions and restorative justice, on their communities.

Panel members receive training to help them carry out their role so that they can be involved in innovative work such as examining body camera footage captured during “stop and searches” by local officers.

Panels are established in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire Moorlands, South Staffordshire, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Lichfield, Stafford, Tamworth, East Staffordshire and the two local policing team areas of Stoke-on-Trent.

Safer Neighbourhood Panels give local people the opportunity to hold policing in their area to account.

Suspicious Vehicle's - Gnosall

We have had a report of vehicle's acting suspiciously around the area of Gnosall. Your local officers are proactivley patrolling this area. However if you see anything suspicious please report it to Staffordshire Police on '101' Non Emergency or '999' Emergency.

Police Contact Advice:Telephone 999 in an emergency where there is a danger to life or a crime is in progress.Telephone 101 for non-emergencies where police attendance is required, to report a crime or to report any other incidents. Calls to 101 have a fixed cost of 15p per call.If you are calling about the above, please tell us that you are responding to a message from Staffordshire Smart Alert.

Burglary - Coley Lane - Stafford

Sometime between the hours of; 10:30am & 12:30pm on Friday 22nd March unknown offender(s) have climbed on a roof and then entered the property via a small window which was left open. They have then made a search in the bedrooms for any valuables.

The unknown offender(s) have stolen a 9ct solid gold women's watch, 14ct gold art deco style women's watch, oval face solid gold women's bracelet watch and approx £250 in coins.

If you have any information or have seen anything suspicious around this time, in this area, please contact Staffordshire Police on '101' and quote serial ref: SP20190322-0496.

Please ensure you check all windows are closed and secure when you leave your house. If you do come across anyone suspicious on your premises please call '999' emergency or '101' non emergency. 

Local people invited to shine the spotlight on local policing

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent residents are being invited to join their local Safer Neighbourhood Panel to shine a spotlight on local policing and make Staffordshire’s Police Service the most open, transparent and ethical in the UK.

Safer Neighbourhood Panels, set up by Staffordshire’s Commissioner, Matthew Ellis in 2015, are made up of local residents who meet regularly with their area’s local policing commander.

The panels examine, challenge and shape the work of police at the most local level and hold Local Policing Team Commanders to account as well as looking at wider criminal justice and community safety issues in their area.

Mr Ellis said: “This is a real opportunity for local people to play a part in holding all responsible for policing in their area to account and I’d urge residents to get involved.

I make no apology for believing that truly local policing, and the public playing a part in influencing that policing, is vital.’Panel members receive training to help them carry out their role so that they can be involved in innovative work such as examining records and body camera footage captured during “stop and searches” and “use of force” by local officers.For more information and details on how you can apply visit www.staffordshire-pfcc.gov.uk/volunteer/available-roles



We are appealing to the public to get in touch if they have seen, or have any information on the whereabouts of three men we want to speak to following a series of distraction burglaries.John Purcell, aged 28, Michael Purcell, aged 31, and Johnny Delaney, aged 22, are wanted in connection with a series of distraction burglaries which occurred across Staffordshire and North Wales where vulnerable pensioners were targeted.

The men have connections to Staffordshire, Cheshire, West Midlands and North Wales.Anyone with information is urged to contact Staffordshire Police on 101 referring to incident number 413 of 4 March 2019.We are making a series of appeals regarding this case on BBC’s Crimewatch Roadshow.Alternatively, please call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Attempted Burglary - Haughton

Sometime around 0300 hours on the 4th March, unknown offender(s) have entered a farm and have smashed a lock of a container to gain entry. However in the process of doing this they have disturbed the owners of the property, which has caused the offender(s) to flee. Thankfully nothing was stolen on this occasion.

Please be aware, always make sure all outbuildings are locked and secure. If you do come across anyone acting suspicious who shouldnt be on your property please call '999' Emergency, or '101' Non Emergency.

Distraction Theft - Woodseaves

On the 28th February between 1430-1445 hours, a male offender has entered a public house in Woodseaves and called a lady for assistance, requesting some water for his car and whilst distracted, the offender has stole the purse which contained cash, bank cards, jewellery and car keys.

If you have any information regarding this theft please contact Staffordshire Police on '101' and quote serial ref: SP-20190228-650.

We urge people to keep their valuables safe, secure and out of sight. Please report any suspicious activity to '101' Non Emergency or '999' Emergency.

Burglary - Aqualate, Newport

Sometime overnight on the 8th February 2019, an agricultural building was broken into and chainsaws were stolen. Anyone with any information regarding this incident is asked to contact Staffordshire police on `101` and quote incident ref: 0190 09/02/2019.

Any suspicious activity should be reported to Staffordshire Police immediately on `101` or '999' if a crime is taking place or about to take place.