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Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.



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Neighbourhood Plan tracker Nov 2015.pdf Click here

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum - RESULT

The Parish Council is pleased to announce that we received a resounding YES vote in support of the Neighbourhood Plan. A breakdown of the voting is as follows

YES votes:895, NO votes:69, giving a majority of 93%.... A fantastic result!

At a Parish Council meeting held on Monday 9th February, Councillors approved Gnosall’s Neighbourhood Plan and authorised its submission to Stafford Borough Council in accordance with the Town & Country Planning Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulation A 2012 - Submission of Plan Under Regulation 15.

Below are the documents that were submitted -

Other documents

NHP Policies

This new national guide to writing NP policies has just been published which helps explain what a Neighbourhood Plan can and can't do. For more information, please Click here