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Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.

Planning Committee Thu 18 Jul at Parish Office
CFest Sat 20 Jul at Canal - Boat Inn-Navigation
CFest Sun 21 Jul at Canal - Boat Inn-Navigation
Allotment Inspections Mon 22 Jul at Allotments
Website Meeting Thu 25 Jul at Parish Office

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Dog anti fouling campaign update

I had hoped to be able to report that the incidences of dog fouling around the Village and Greenway had remained low but I am unable to do so.Whilst walking my own dogs around Gnosall and along the Greenway I am sad to report that the evidence that inconsiderate dog owners are failing to clean up after their pets is once again on the increase.I was staggered to see not 5 yards from the rubbish bin at the top end of the village green (by the Doctor's Surgery) a fresh pile. What does it take to stop, bag it and bin it? I cleared this one up myself. Also on the public footpath at the bottom of the vilage green there are multilpe examples of inconsiderate owners. It doesn't matter that it is away from the pavement or public spaces, you are still responsible for clearing it up!The Acres had a few uncleared up messes, what is appalling is that they were quite near to the children's play area, just ready to be trodden in (or worse) by unsuspecting toddlers. (These I cleaned up)There were some fresh deposits on the pavement on Kinghtley Road, between Audmore Road and Brookhouse Road.On the Greenway, the stretch between Lowfield Lane and Station Road is still particularly bad (As is Lowfield Lane itself, where daily, during term time, hundreds of children walk to and from school with their parents. The stretch between the Chippy Jumps and right through to Broad Hill has also got worse over the last few months.This really is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH!The Borough Council Enforcement Team have been informed of this and will be in attendance in the near future.Also, to those individuals who have ripped down a number of the anti-dog fouling signs, if you are seen doing so you will be charged with criminal damage.So, to all of the vast majority of responsible dog owners, please keep on clearing up after your pets, I have to say that I have observed many cases of people doing so, so thank you. Also during the school summer holiday if your children take the dog out then please ensure they understand the need to clear up after them, it only takes a minute.