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Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.


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The Grosvenor Centre/Community Hub

Despite the lack of news ON THE PLAN to redevelop the Grosvenor Centre, work has been progressing steadily behind the scenes. The Grosvenor Centre has served the community well in the 25 years since the Parish Council took on this former school building. However, increasing demands on space and facilities have unfortunately outgrown what the centre can NOW provide.

Over the past three years, the Parish Council has led on a series of local stakeholder meetings to identify the issues and opportunities available for facilities in the community. During this time, the situation has become even more acute as the village is faced with the paradox of a rapidly growing population at the same time as losing local services such as our library and youth club.

Whilst the prospects for a new sports centre or joint community hub have proved unsuccessful, the Parish Council has concluded that it has a number of options available to take the Grosvenor Centre into the future. Maintenance costs are proving increasingly costly and doing nothing is not a realistic option. Alternative options include revamping the existing buildings or redeveloping the entire site. In both cases, cost-effectiveness and available funding must be considered.


The Parish Council is keen that the Grosvenor Centre has the capacity to serve the growing needs of our community in the future. A new centre will need to have greater main-hall capacity (with associated facilities) than the limited space currently available and more options for rooms to hold meetings and events. Any new building will ensure that current tenants and user groups will continue to be accommodated, whilst also incorporating new facilities for GG’s youth club, a community library and the Parish Council office.


A full community consultation will be carried out to help determine the options available, but in the meantime, a chartered survey of the full site has been undertaken and an architect will be commissioned to draw up options for parishioners to view. This venture could cost up to £3 million and if successful will be largely subject to funding from external sources. These are exciting times for the Grosvenor Centre and hopefully, we will be rewarded with a new centre that will serve the community for many more years to come.


Do you have any experience or expertise that might help with this project? The Grosvenor Centre Working Group is looking for additional local people who can contribute on matters such as building design, planning, project management and fundraising. Please contact the Parish Clerk, Jayne Cooper, on 01785 822685 or if you would like to help.