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Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.

GMK Summer 2017

The Boardwalk

At long last, the extensive section of boardwalk destroyed by arson last July has been re-instated. The Parish Council quickly arranged a contractor to replace the burnt length, but it wasn’t until November that enough funding was secured. This was mainly thanks to Section 106 money (from a recent housing development) to make up the shortfall from our insurers, who were unwilling to pay for more fire-retardant materials. 


Contractors rebuilding the bridge section of the Boardwalk

As so often happens, confirmation of funding, unfortunately, coincided with a big change in the weather; from a very dry autumn (ideal conditions to make the repairs) to a prolonged period of heavy rainfall. This left the Doley Brook and the Acres floodplain inundated with high water-levels for an unusually extensive time - from November to early May. It wasn’t until the site was eventually dry enough that the contractor, Dan Saberton, could be commissioned and the huge quantity of recycled plastic ordered.

Work started on the 1st of June from the allotments end of the route, with the charred stumps of former uprights being cut to ground level. The new structure quickly started to snake its way eastwards towards the brook. As part of the specification, hollow cross pieces were used to give the boardwalk more strength and coated with fire-retardant material. Pads have also been incorporated within a load-bearing structure to ensure it’s more capable of dealing with the deep peat and wet conditions.

The previous dipping platform on the new pool has been moved and an extra spur of the boardwalk also now leads to a new viewing point and bench on the opposite side of the pond – we hope visitors like this new feature. Should further funding become available, it may be possible to extend this new boardwalk section around the pool to link up with the main route.


The extension to the Boardwalk leading  to the new pond dipping platform  

The Boardwalk is scheduled to be officially opened on the 29th of June, by pupils from St Lawrence Primary Academy, whose pupils so generously raised money towards its reconstruction. The Parish Council thanks the community for their patience during this testing period. Our Clerk, Jayne Cooper has been besieged by eager villagers over the past 11 months asking when the boardwalk would be re-opened. It’s fantastic how quickly a new facility can become such an important asset to local people and we are all greatly relieved to see the route complete once again. The Acres has suffered from many acts of vandalism over recent years – costing thousands of pounds worth of damage and spoiling the enjoyment of this public open space for others. We urge parishioners for their vigilance to ensure our public open space is considerately used and appreciated by everyone so that something like this never happens again.