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Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.

GMK Summer 2017

Annual Parish Assembly

Gnosall Parish Council held its Annual Parish Assembly at the Grosvenor Centre on Thursday 25th May. As always, the annual meeting was open to everyone within the Parish of Gnosall (including the wards of Moreton and Knightly) and was an opportunity for parishioners to share issues dealt with over the previous year, listen to presentations raise any questions or concerns.

Chairman, Cllr Alker, opened the meeting with a warm welcome to all, which was followed by a number of very interesting presentations from local groups and organisations.

GG’s Youth Club started the evening off with a heartfelt thank you from Jordan Archer and Olivia Kessey to all who had tirelessly worked so hard in establishing the youth club, together with the volunteers who maintain the running of the club. It has been a huge success and goes from strength to strength.



Cllr Abbot followed with details of the Heritage Group and brought along some of the artefacts connected with the village. A booklet has been produced which I am sure many of our parishioners would find interesting. We have so much history to recall and record, it’s a really fascinating group to join.

 The Friends of St Lawrence group was highlighted by Maggie Hughes. This is another of our hardworking groups which raises funds to maintain our wonderful and historical Anglo-Saxon Church. The Church tower will be open again soon, an opportunity not to be missed because the views are captivating.

The Library group GLEAN followed. Trevor Whincup outlined their plans, together with slides for the new library which will be alongside the youth club. Planning permission has been passed, which will be an exciting new project available to all in the village centre. Volunteers have committed many hours to bring this to fruition. It will be a valued asset to the Parish.

Dave Clarke presented details of the Best Kept Village Group, another hardworking band of volunteers dedicated to enhancing and maintaining our village with flower boxes, freshly painted benches and litter picking to name but a few. They are always looking for further volunteers especially as this is the busiest time of year and in light of the goal for another win in 2017!

Concluding the presentations, Rev Kathyrn Hammond shared details of the many group activities the church arranges for young families and for the rest of the congregation. Our beautiful St Lawrence Church will now be open every day for visitors and/ or some quiet contemplation, so if you are passing please pop in.

The Chairman, Cllr Alker, reiterated her thanks to all who attended and gave a special thank you to those who had given their time to present a sample of the many and wonderful groups and activities we have to offer in this Parish. She further thanked parishioners who had attended the evening, and Maggie and Sue for the refreshments.

The enjoyable evening concluded with a glass of wine and a lovely buffet shared with all who attended.

Further details of The Parish Annual Report will be available from the Grosvenor Centre, the Health Centre, Parish Council office and Parish Churches.

Details of all our fantastic groups and organisations are available on the website, GPN or via the Parish Office.