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Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.

GMK Summer 2017

Best Kept Village – a visitor’s response

Do you sometimes feel that your work goes unremarked upon? That you give up your time and yet people are unappreciative? If so – fear not!


Many of us in Gnosall like to look at the narrowboats as they pass along the canal and feel that they add to the picturesque quality of the village. But while we are looking at them – THEY are admiring us! In June, the Parish Clerk received a charming email from a couple who moored up in Gnosall on their travels. They were delighted with their “pretty and well-kept” mooring and they particularly appreciated the “carefully-tended flowerbed” at the water point.

Having settled in for the evening, they dined at The Boat and sampled the hearty fare on offer, completing their evening with a walk along the Greenway. Now there they came across a familiar figure in the village – yes, none other than our own Ranger Paul, who engaged them in conversation (of course!) and showed them the delights that the Greenway has to offer. It was he who suggested that we might all appreciate a thumbs-up.

The couple went on their way the next day having complimented us on a “beautifully cared for village that we’ll remember”.  How thoughtful of them to take the time to share their impressions of our lovely village!


So all you unsung heroes who give up your time to help make our home a thing of beauty and who demonstrate the community spirit which is so much a part of life here – THANK YOU! We may not always say it but the most surprising people do notice what you do. Whether we are noticed by the BKV judges this year or not, your work goes a long, long way to making our village something of which we can all be proud.


The latest news on Gnosall Community Library


A lot has been happening recently regarding proposals to set up a new community library behind the Grosvenor Centre.  The voluntary group GLEAN, which has been working on this, was delighted to hear that the Parish Council has obtained planning permission to erect a portable building next to GGs Youth Club for a new library.  Permission is for a period of six years, till 2023, which will allow time for the initial five-year contract with Staffordshire County Council to be undertaken.  Hopefully, progress will be made during that period regarding a permanent room for a library within an expanded Grosvenor Centre, depending on circumstances.

A coffee morning for volunteers who are willing to help run the new library will be held in the Grosvenor Centre shortly.  Please look out for posters with details.  We hope that those who originally put their names forward, plus others who volunteer now, will come along to find out from the County Council what opportunities to help are available.

The GLEAN committee is also looking at becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) by hopefully registering with the Charities Commission under the possible name of  'GLEAN Hub'.  GLEAN thanks to all those who have helped so far, especially the Parish Council, our County and Borough Councillors and organisations which have offered financial support including Waitrose (Newport) and Gnosall Parish News.  These are exciting times and we hope to open the new library in the autumn.