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Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.

GMK Autumn 2016

The Who, Where, Why and What is the Parish Council (Part 2)

Following on from the previous edition…...


Our councillors are local volunteers who come from all walks of life and are democratically elected every four years at the Local Government Elections - although if necessary, vacant seats may be co-opted within the term of office. A Chairman and Vice Chairman of Council are elected by the Council members at the start of the civic year in May. A full list of councillors can be found at the back of this newsletter.

When residents wish to bring a matter to the attention of the Parish Council they can contact one of their Ward Parish Councillors (who may be able to answer questions or pass the query onto the Parish Council), directly contact the Parish Council office or raise their question under the open forum item of a monthly Parish Council Meeting.



The full Council meets once a month (except in August) at the Grosvenor Centre and other committee meetings are usually held in the Parish Office located behind the centre. Members of the public are welcome to attend any of the Parish Council or Committee meetings and can have an input during the opening public open forum. Minutes of all meetings are included on the Parish Council website and placed on parish notice-boards - with notice of forthcoming meetings. Admittedly, formal minutes don’t always make the most exciting of reading, so key points are usually communicated through our newsletter, website and Facebook page.

If you’ve never been to a parish council meeting before, you may be forgiven for thinking that parish councillors are a group of (probably older) people who meet in a draughty village hall. Actually, that’s probably quite an accurate description(!), but our councillors also bring an array of experiences and expertise with them. Most importantly, they also care enough about their local area to volunteer much of their free time to contribute and put something back





Whenever something ‘big’ happens locally, as we have witnessed with several large-scale planning applications, it is usually the parish council that our community turns to for support and guidance. It can be a challenge as a councillor, especially on those occasions when we appear powerless to influence or protect our parishioners from external decisions. However, it is rewarding whenever you see anything change for the better as a result of decisions you have helped make, such as with the development of our Neighbourhood Plan and the authority it now holds to shape our future community.


Gnosall Parish Council has seven principal committees and a number of working groups as and when needed, such as the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group. Much of any councillor’s work is carried out through this committee system before the main Council actually meets. The role of each committee is for its members to undertake necessary tasks and prepare information (on specific detailed issues) for consideration at committee level. Where necessary, each committee can then make informed recommendations to the full Council for approval.

Each Parish Council employs a clerk responsible for supporting the council to carry out its functions. Most people think that this is just a secretarial role, but this Officer is appointed to ensure the Council conducts its business properly. A good clerk is an essential asset to every Parish Council and we are extremely fortunate to have Jayne Cooper behind the scenes in Gnosall. Jayne works as part of a team with the Chair and other councillors to best implement council decisions and provide independent, objective and professional advice, information and administrative support to the council. Given the significant workload, we also employ Jeanene Walton-Sanders as a part-time Support Officer, two caretakers (Mavis & Brian Hill) and use the services of local handyman Paul Prince when required.




If you would like to know more details about Gnosall Parish Council and your councillors or how you can get involved, please visit our website on: -

Alternatively, why don’t you come along to one of our meetings or events?