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Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.

GMK Autumn 2016

Gnosall Village Green

Some local people have been asking questions on these subjects, so here is some information to fill in the background.

Where is it?  Our village green is at the top of Brookhouse Road, next to the Health Centre - the field with wooden bollards along the edge.  The open space is mainly grassland with some trees and shrubs.   There is a public footpath across and there are benches to relax on.  The area is used for recreation, including dog-walking, and once a year a fair is held on the green.


How came it to be there?  The land was bought by the developers who built the Brookhouse estate in the 1970s.  However, it was outside the residential boundary of Gnosall and they were not allowed to build houses on it.  Some years later Gnosall Parish Council was looking for a site on which affordable social housing might be built, as a housing needs survey had shown that such homes were needed in the village.  After careful consideration of possible sites, this one seemed the best.  It could only be built on for such a special reason, under certain terms and conditions set down by the Government.  The Parish Council worked with the landowner, Taylor Wimpey, and a housing association, to develop a scheme and a planning application was submitted.

The site was being used by some local residents for dog-walking and informal recreation as it was not fenced.  In 2008, Gnosall Field Preservation Association applied to register the land as a village green.  They had to try and prove that these activities had been going on unchallenged for at least 20 years, and were still going on. A three-day Public Inquiry organised by Staffordshire County Council, as the registration authority was held in March 2010.  Statements were given by local residents and by representatives of Gnosall Parish Council.  The legal arguments were complex.  After an interval for consideration, later that month the Inspector decided that the land in question should be designated a village green.green2.jpg

In the years since then the Parish Council has managed to find other sites, in Monks Walk and Lowfield Lane, for affordable homes which were built by Stafford and Rural Homes.

Who looks after it?  It became the responsibility of Gnosall Parish Council to manage and maintain the village green as a result of the registration.  Management and maintenance costs are funded from the Parish Council