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About Gnosall Heritage Group

Gnosall Heritage Group is a group of volunteers who are eager to set up a Community Archive relating to our village. Although Gnosall Parish Council is overseeing the activities and hosting this website our members drive the group’s activities. The idea is to document and to share contributions from the public.


Each member of the group has their special interest areas and we welcome new ideas and information for new avenues to research. If there is a topic that you have researched or would like to research, we would be delighted to hear from you as we welcome new members. 

Read more about our current activities in the Blog....


We are interested in Gnosall’s people, properties, industry, schools, leisure activities, religion, highways – in fact any aspect of the village that would be of interest to share. 

Visit: come to our next meeting. We need you!

If you have any knowledge, stories, information about our lovely village that you are willing to share we would love to hear from you. If you have documents, letters or artefacts we could photograph or hear stories about we would love to be able to document their existence.  Please Contact us....

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