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Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.



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Kind thanks to Bob Johnson, Peter Jobling and the Gnosall Heritage Group for passing on the useful photos and snippets of information.

Dredging of the canal in 2017 revealed some unexpected finds, including garden seats! Some tree work also took place in the Cowley area, thanks to the Canal &River Trust, to ensure the adjacent land remains a safe location for all who access this area. Hopefully in the future the Shropshire Union Canal in Gnosall can be used to promote all things Gnosall.

There are bound to be many more people who can shed light on the 'Shroppie' and adjacent areas with much more information, stories, legends and facts about this popular water highway in Gnosall................

Canal & River Trust in partnership with Gnosall Parish Council-


“Kingfisher Production” original footage of the Cowley Cut before and during the restoration work 1985/ 1986 filmed by Frank & Pearl Shenton converted from cine film by the Gnosall heritage group-


Paul Boston




Donkey on the Towpath!


It is amazing who you meet walking along the towpath. Chris and Jennie Delamont bumped into this chap with his donkey on 23rd September. His name is Adam Lee and his donkey is called Martin. They are walking from the lighthouse at Cape Wrath in Scotland and finishing at Portland Bill lighthouse south of Weymouth, a distance of 700 miles following footpaths, bridle ways and canal tow paths. He started just over 3 months ago and expects it to take about 5 months in total. He is doing it in aid of the homeless charity Centrepoint.

You can read all about his journey at https://adamwalks.wordpress.com


Anti-Dog Fouling Campaign Update


Firstly, I would like to thank all of those responsible dog owners who do clear up after their pets. I have to say as I walk the streets with my own dogs, or drive around the village, I see evidence of this - people carrying bags with them and other handlers clearing up their dog’s faeces. Evidence that the campaign has had an effect was reflected in the Best Kept Village Judge’s comments as to only one uncleared up deposit was found!

However, as one hot spot seems to have improved, others are popping up. I have seen an increase in uncleared up faeces

1) Between the start of Old Barn Close and the Knightley Road.

2) Along Wharf Road, particularly at the junction with Impstones.

3) Lowfield Lane from the entrance to the school to the steps down to the Greenway.

4) The Greenway itself between Lowfield Lane and Station Road.

5) And finally the entrance up onto the Greenway from Glendower Close

Rest assured these areas WILL be under surveillance and anyone found not to be clearing up will be fined. Initially £75:00, rising up to £1000 and a possible criminal record.

So if you see someone neglecting to clear up, offer them a poo bag to do so and if they choose not to, take a description of them and their dog and report it to the Parish Council. Please do not put yourself into any sort of danger if you do this. Remember, in many parts of the country it is an offence to walk your dog and not to carry poo bags with you. This can also result in a £75 on the spot fine!