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Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.



Dementia Friends.png

We are constrained by a fairly-limited budget and by increasing demands upon it, but we want to do what we can to help. At our last Parish Council meeting we decided upon certain actions and are considering others. We would welcome your comment on our ideas.

Information packs

We are thinking of producing a simple information pack detailing basic facts about the condition and suggesting ways in which organisations or businesses might show support. Once produced, the pack would require only minimal updating. Perhaps local businesses or individuals might help us by sponsoring all or part of its production costs?

Dementia Friendly Logo



You will see on all our communications the logo which we have earned by undertaking training, as a sign of our commitment to this cause.

Grosvenor Centre Booking Fees

If local groups wish to host dementia-related events, such as socials for sufferers or support meetings for carers, drop-in meetings  and so forth, we would waive our booking fee. We hope this will encourage parishioners to join together to do what they can to support members of the community.

GMK articles

On a fairly regular basis, we would like to have articles about dementia, sources of support, first-hand experience and advice so that we could share these with others at different stages of their journey. Could you offer something along these lines or do you have suggestions about what we might find out and share?


If possible, we would like to have one dementia-focused fundraiser every year, with money raised going to local dementia-related activities. Any ideas?

A sensory garden

Dementia sufferers often find that noise and bustle confuse them and they become anxious in noisy environments. Carers often value a bit of peace and quiet in which to reflect or sit quietly with their relative. GGs Youth Club has taken this idea on board and will be working to create a quiet sensory area at the rear of the Parish Office. Do you have plants to donate, especially those with a good scent, colour or texture? Would you like to remember a relative with dementia by sponsoring a flowerbed or bench? Would you like to do a bit of ongoing maintenance once we have set up the space? Ideas please!

So these are our initial ideas and we would like to hear from you with any other ideas that we might consider, or any help you might offer, whether it be financial sponsorship or time to help. Do get in touch with the Parish Office or directly with Councillor Gregory or Councillor Green, who are leading on this project. Over to you – let’s make life better together.


Fun Fair



The fun fair on The Village Green in July, once again proved popular with local children and their families who enjoyed a number of fairground rides and activities.  The Parish Council will be liaising with the fairground organisers to ask for more rides for older children as we know this is would be appreciated. 

The Village Green is a recreational area for the whole community, so if anyone or any local group/organisation has an idea for an event to be held there, please get in touch with the Parish Council.